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Kaiser Spider Walking Excavator

The ultra-low impact excavator able to wheel or ‘walk’ on steep terrain up to 85% slopes without winching and steeper slopes when tied off with the integrated winch. Dual fuel tanks allow the excavator to work for 4 days between refueling, which is important when working on remote, steep or environmentally sensitive sites. The telescopic extending boom provides long reach which reduces the number of times the machine must move thereby reducing ground disturbance.

The spider excavator can work in water up to 1.7m depth. Panolin biodegradable hydraulic fluid is used to protect the environment in the event of a hose failure.


The spider is ready to work within minutes of arriving at your jobsite. The excavator arrives on a deck truck and simply stands up and walks off the deck (see photos below). The spider excavator can also be transported in a dumptruck box, on a step-deck or highboy trailer.

Where does the spider excel?

Jobs that are currently performed by a large hand crew
For jobs requiring a manual labour to move large amounts of material or heavy objects, the spider is often able to perform the same work in a day that an entire crew would work on for weeks or even months.

Where conventional machine access is not possible
Road barricades, steep banks or no roads can prevent access for conventional excavators. The spider can step over obstacles up to 1.7m in height and climb/descend steep slopes leaving little trace that it was there. Avoid the cost of building road access then rehabilitating/deactivating the road by using the spider excavator.

When winching a conventional excavator off another machine
There is no need to pay for an excavator and dozer when winching a machine on a steep bank, the spider excavator is able to work up to 85% slope before using a winch. Upon reaching 85% slope the spider uses its own winch to tie off and continue working safely and productively.

Approaching the safe slope rating of conventional machinery
As work sites approach the WorkSafeBC safe working limit you lose productivity when the machine is forced to work straight up and down the slope, taking special care when working over the side. The spider is able to work up, down and across all types of terrain.

When using a crane to lift materials over or around obstacles
Combining the spider excavator with our specialized 4x4 off-road dump truck allows us to move material quickly at a fraction of the cost of a crane capable of lifting long distances.

Sensitive sites, working in and around water and riparian areas
The spider excavator is an ultra-low impact excavator in several ways:

  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluid - Panolin biodegradable hydraulic fluid is fully consumed by microbes naturally occurring in soil and water within 30 days.
  • Low ground disturbance - the large flotation tires, front feet and the bucket are the only points which touch the ground. Turning the machine does not rip up soil like on a track equipped machine.
  • Sound-proofed engine compartment - the engine compartment and cover are designed with sound deadening materials to reduce the sound volume emitted by the excavator while working.
  • Fuel efficient hydraulic system - the hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by providing high pressure at lower engine RPMs. High hydraulic pressure equals maximum performance for the machine and attachments.

Loading or unloading the spider excavator only takes a few minutes.

The operator places the floatation tires on the truck deck.

Then swings the house around to lift the legs in the air.

And drives backwards onto the truck.

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