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Carrot Creek Fuel Modification, Banff National Park 2006-2007

Project consisted of 3 components:

1. Harvesting of designated timber on 32.11ha of mixed spruce forest.

2. Mulching/Mowing of 12.0 ha of pine (Pl) forest.

3. Hand cutting and piling of 7.5 ha of mixed spruce/ pine (Sx/Pl).

Project Objective:

Modify forest fuel levels to provide a defensive area to protect the community of Canmore on the eastern edge of Banff National Park.

Piling trees into drags to be skidded to the landings. Loading the processed logs for the mill. Loading the processed logs for the mill.

Before mulching treatment, note trees in centre of photo. After mulching treatment, the trees that were previously in the centre of the photo have now been pulverized into small pieces evenly dispersed upon the snow where they once stood. Closer shot of mulching debris, most pieces are now the size of the palm of your hand or smaller. The size of the mulched debris can be controlled by the operator through the angle of the mulcher head and by applying more or less vertical pressure to standing trees.


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